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About Me

In addition to intermittent private practice since 1979, I worked for 23 years with Children's Protective Services and almost 10 years in adolescent group homes. My experience has been that individuals, couples and families can make changes that range from allowing them to weather difficult situations and operate in a more effective manner to helping them enjoy themselves and each other more. My task is to help you see your situation more clearly by looking at strengths, as well as challenges, decide what to address, how you want to address it (plan) and begin to actualize the plan.

I believe there are always alternatives, though they are not always obvious. Exploring alternatives helps us experience more control over our lives.

I also believe that it's healthy and enlivening to have our emotions, but our emotions having us can cause problems or make existing problems worse.


1080 Carol Lane, Suite 280

Lafayette, CA 94549


Mon - Sat by appointment only

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